The one thing you realize pretty quickly when you start ranking Super Bowls is that people watching football in recent years have been really blessed. There have been a few stinkers, but we’ve gotten some incredible Super Bowls over the past 20 years.

In fact, I assumed it might be my modern bias pushing them up this list, but the reality is the way the game is played, both with parity and with modern passing attacks, we end up getting exciting games. Comebacks feel more likely and, with some exceptions, no lead is safe. There were plenty of rousing come-from-behind victories in the older days, but teams just couldn’t put up points as frequently as they can now.

More good news for Super Bowl LII: the Patriots have been involved in a LOT of the drama high on this list, which could mean some serious action when it comes to the Patriots-Eagles matchup on Sunday.

Without ado, onto the list. You might love it, you might hate it — if you have questions or complaints holler at me on Twitter @WillBrinson.

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