If you’re an NFL fan, there’s a good chance that your favorite team is already done for the year. With only eight teams remaining in the playoffs, that means 24 other fan bases won’t have much to cheer for when the divisional round kicks off on Saturday.

However, we’re here to change that. If you don’t have a team to cheer for this week, then you should be spending all your energy cheering for the best possible Super Bowl, and that’s where we come in. With eight teams left in the playoffs, there’s a total of 16 Super Bowl matchups that are still possible, and let’s just say, some of them are a lot more appealing than others.

Not only did we rank all 16 possible Super Bowls, but we also included the potential point spread for each game and the odds that it will happen. For instance, an Eagles-Titans Super Bowl only has a 175-to-1 chance of happening, which means if you were hoping for Nick Foles against Tennessee, I have some bad news, it’s not going to happen.

So what would the most appealing matchup be in Super Bowl LII?

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