By now, you should know how much I preach about throwing the football on first down.

The run, run, pass approach to football has been a pet peeve of mine since I first dove into the game decades ago.

Maybe that’s why I loved to watch the Air Coryell San Diego Chargers and Dan Marino and the K-Gun offense and the Houston Oilers’ run-and-shoot system.

The pass is there to score. The run is there to win.

¬†Throw early and get the points, and then pound the opponent with the running game is the right approach to winning football. It’s not how much you run or throw, but how you run and throw.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are considered a running team and lead the NFL in rushing. But the past three weeks, quarterback Blake Bortles has morphed into a quarterback who can win games with his arm.

Reason? They let him.

Read more at CBS Sports



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