Name: Aerin Wiggins

Sport: Basketball

School: Academy of Careers & Exploration

Grade: Sophomore

This week’s accomplishment: Wiggins averaged 28.8 points in four games last week and was named the MVP in the Calvary Baptist tournament after scoring 23 points in the championship game against California Lutheran on Saturday.

What do you like most about your sport: I like the high energy of the sport and how interactive I can be with my teammates and my basketball family.

How long have you been playing your sport and how did you get started: I have been playing my sport since I was about 5 years old. My dad, who coaches Barstow, and my big brother made me fall in love with the game. My dad is my first coach and I’ll always love basketball because of him.

Pregame ritual: My pregame ritual is usually getting the scouting report from my brother, listening to slow music while I nap, then listening to upbeat music when I awake.

Most memorable sports moment: My most memorable sports moment was winning the Calvary Baptist tournament this past weekend and being awarded MVP. I loved sharing that moment with my sisters on the court and seeing Coach Hoover celebrate.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be and why: I would be my coach Doug to see how mad he gets at me during the games for my defense.

Something most people don’t know about you: I’ve lived most of my life in South Korea when my dad was in the Army.

How would you spend $1 million: I would spend $1 million creating a youth gym in the High Desert where more kids have a place to work out and wouldn’t have to pay.

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world: Australia

If you had an extra hour every day, how would you spend it: I would spend it knocking out more school work.

What superpower do you wish you had: Invisibility

Favorite class: ASB

Favorite sports team: Los Angeles Sparks

Favorite athlete: My brother Anthony Wiggins, who is recovering from ACL surgery and working hard to get back to play basketball his senior year. He has such a big heart for the game and taught me everything I know

Favorite superhero: My mom. I don’t know how she does it.

Favorite TV show: “Dance Moms”

Favorite movie: “Frozen”

Favorite song: “Living for the City” by Stevie Wonder

Favorite meal: Baked spaghetti

Favorite local restaurant: Momma Wiggins Kitchen (best food in Silver Lakes)

Favorite app: Snapchat

Twitter handle: @aerinruth

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