By Robyn Collins

A growing list of artists have signed an open letter to Congress in an effort to stop the FCC’s Dec. 14 vote to end net neutrality protections.

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Net neutrality refers to the current FCC requirement that Internet service providers give consumers access to all legal content and applications on an equal basis.

“The medium that allows us to be great artists is under threat,” the letter beings. “Without a free and open internet, so much music, writing, film, art, culture, passion, and creativity would be lost.”

Supporters include Incubus Tom Morello, Michael Stipe and around 150 others.

Read the full letter below.

December, 2017

To: U.S. Congress:

The medium that allows us to be great artists is under threat. Without a free and open internet, so much music, writing, film, art, culture, passion, and creativity would be lost.

For the artists of the future, and the culture of the future, we will not be silent.
Title II guarantees net neutrality and prevents powerful telecom giants like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon from deciding what art, as well as what news, is easily accessible online.

If the FCC votes to gut these protections it will explicitly allow Internet providers to charge extra fees that amount to a tax on the entire creative economy. A few corporations will have control over what you see and hear, while independent and up-and-coming artists’ ability to make a living will be devastated.

Without net neutrality there will be less awesome art. Period.

The open Internet lets artists reach each other and audiences across the world in unprecedented ways. We are able to collaborate, learn, improve our worlds, participate in our society, and bring the things we love to people who are moved by them.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are guaranteed by our constitution, and we demand that such freedoms continue online. Net Neutrality is essential to our democracy.

We support the people from across the political spectrum protesting across the country on December 7, and we echo their call for our members of Congress to do their jobs and take action to stop the FCC vote that’s planned for December 14.

By fighting for net neutrality, you fight for the future of art.

Click here to see the entire list of signees.



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