It’s Week 14 of the 2017 NFL season and the best quarterback matchup of this weekend’s slate of games is Carson Wentz vs. Jared Goff. The idea of writing that sentence was downright insane a year ago. Now, it’s a reality. Factor in what’s at stake for the Eagles and Rams — both teams are in the hunt for the top seed in the NFC — and it automatically becomes the game of the weekend.

If the NFL ever needs another example to tout its parity, it should point to Wentz and Goff’s rapid Year 2 ascensions. Both quarterbacks have gone from bad to great in one year. You know how in “The Force Awakens” (yeah I know, another “Star Wars” reference) Rey catches a lightsaber for the first time and still manages to fight off Kylo Ren? Goff and Wentz are like Rey in that they shouldn’t be this good this soon, but they’ve somehow defied logic to actually be this good this soon.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

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