One of the best things about tracking rookies is that they tend to have wild fluctuations throughout the NBA season. A player will average 20 points one week and drop to six the next — or vice versa. It’s all part of the growing up process.

To that end, there is plenty of movement in this week’s NBA Rookie Power Rankings, despite the familiar face on top. Sixers rookie Ben Simmons has been the pinnacle of consistency with his statistics and tenacity, which means that even when he has an off week he’s still capable of being the league’s best rookie.

Meanwhile players like Dennis Smith Jr. and De’Aaron Fox showed glimpses of their potential last week, while we try to figure out whether or not Lonzo Ball will ever make another shot. Kidding … sort of.

Ball’s highly publicized struggles have allowed players like Fox and Smith to jump past him in the rankings, while Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina came out of nowhere to earn himself a spot.

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