Why is it so hard to quit social media?

An assistant professor at Michigan State University’s Department of Communication is comparing the use of Facebook to an addiction.

Allison Eden was part of a group that studied why social media is so hard to resist. In one of their tests, they found that frequent social media users had a more positive response seeing generic images, which makes them feel good.

“People are learning this reward feeling when they get to Facebook,” Professor Eden told CBS Tampa. “What we show with this study is that even with something as simple as the Facebook logo, seeing the Facebook wall of a friend or seeing anything associated with Facebook, is enough to bring that positive association back.”

The study surveyed people about their ability to control themselves from going online. The results showed that people felt guilty about not being able to stop, and felt even worse when they turned Facebook completely off.

The study suggested the best way to help curb your addiction to social media is to remove triggers, like the Facebook app logo, from your home screen to help stop the temptation.


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