Dick Danger is the online name of a Jurupa Valley motorcyclist who records his rides on his Go-Pro and posts them on social media. Last Thursday, he had a crazy ride as he almost got hit in Colton by a Mercedes-Benz that wound up hitting two other vehicles and driving away.

CBS Los Angeles reports Danger said, “I’ve seen some crazy stuff, but nothing like this crazy and intense.”  He went on to say, “I noticed in my rear view mirror he was driving kind of erratic. I thought ‘OK, I’ll go to the right because this guy is in a big hurry.’ ”

In the video you’ll see the car speed up and sideswipe an oncoming car, hit a truck and then rear-end a Prius.

Danger got off his bike to inform the driver that he had caught the crash on video, and that’s when the driver proceeded to back up and then take off.

Danger immediately went back to his bike and raced onto the 215 freeway to catch up with the driver.

“I immediately thought this guy is going to hurt somebody or he’s going to get someone killed on the freeway,” he said.

The motorcyclist call 911 and reported what happened as he continued to follow the damaged car on and off the freeway.

During the chase Danger saw a CHP officer and tried to wave him down, but to no avail. That’s when he decided to continue the pursuit. The driver eventually stopped and got out of his car in Moreno Valley.

Colton police and the Highway Patrol eventually arrived and arrested the driver.


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