A naked man went on a crazy tirade at Juicy Wingz restaurant in Pasadena and security video captured it all.

CBS Los Angeles reports Tony, the restaurant’s general manager, said the man is a 20-year-old stripper named Daniel and that the restaurant had issues with the man the day before.

Tony reportedly asked the man to leave, and that’s when he got mad. “At that point, this Daniel guy just went crazy,” Tony says.

Daniel climbed his way on top of a divider, started to sing and then cursed at and threatened Tony. Soon after Daniel started destroying property, ripping off the bathroom sign and throwing it on the floor. He then proceeded to pull off a piece of crown molding and it appears he pulls down one of the security cameras and then decided he didn’t like his clothes antmore.

“Started taking off his clothes and got all naked,” Tony said.

The man’s rampage continued as he broke a tablet computer, a granite counter and punched holes in the ceiling before leaving. Reportedly the man caused about $10,000 in damage to the restaurant, and then just left in the nude.

Later Daniel went back to the restaurant fully dressed. Police and paramedics were on scene when he went back, and they took him away.

You can watch the footage on CBS Los Angeles website by clicking here.


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