By Robyn Collins

Sir Paul McCartney told a crowd in England that he has been working on a Trump-inspired track. McCartney made the announcement at an event at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. “Sometimes the situation in the world is so crazy that you’ve got to address it,” he said.

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Earlier, McCartney discussed his feelings about Trump with the Liverpool Echo“I’m not a fan at all. He’s unleashed a kind of violent prejudice that is sometimes latent among people. Most people don’t feel it’s okay to be like that.”

“When there were protesters at his rallies, Trump would say, ‘Oh, beat them up, give them a good punch’ — wait a minute, I’m not sure that’s cool for a leader of a country to be saying that,” he continued. “Maybe for a hockey player. He’s unleashed the ugly side of America. People feel like they have got a free pass to be, if not violent, at least antagonistic toward people of a different color or a different race. I think we all thought we’d got past that a long time ago.”

There is no release date for McCartney’s next project yet, but he is reportedly working on the album with producer Greg Kurstin. McCartney is on tour through October.



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