Stan Lee is famous for his signature cameo appearances, but on Tuesday Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee is the leading star as he sinks his hands and feet into cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

According to CBS Los Angeles, 94 year-old Lee created 90 percent of Marvel Comics’ iconic characters, including Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and even Iron Man, and just last week he was honored as a Disney Legend.

On December 28, 1922, Stanley Martin Lieber was born in New York City., where he began his career. In 1939 Lee got his foot in the door and became an assistant at Timely Comics and was given such duties as getting lunch, filling inkwells and proofreading.

Captain America No.3 was published in 1941 and was Lee’s first published work was as a text filler. He decided to write under the name Stan Lee, which later become his legal name. According to his autobiography, he has intentions of saving his given name for more literary work.

In 1941 Stan Lee became the interim editor of Timely Comics. He was editor-in-chief for what evolved into Marvel Comics in 1961 until 1972, when he became publisher.

Lee’s comic books have been published in 75 nations and in 25 languages more than 2 million times. His amazing and iconic characters have been the main feature of 24 animated T.V. series and multiple action packed blockbuster movies.

Our hats are off to you Mr. Lee. Well done on an amazing career. These awards are long over-due.


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