Free agency is over, and the NBA enters its offseason slumber when players, coaches and execs head for various beaches to rest up before it begins anew at training camp. For us, we get to examine factors impacting what the league may look like a year from now with regard to player movement, including trade and free agency scenarios:

Too many stars, not enough money

In 2016, teams went berserk and overspent after a massive cap jump created by a mega-TV deal. Guys who weren’t max-level players landed huge deals. Mike Conley was a max candidate, but he happened to land his $153 million deal in the year of the jump. But Ian Mahinmi? Evan Turner? Those deals (four years, $64M for Mahinmi and four years $70M for Turner) were shocking.

The market corrected itself this summer. Stars like Kyle Lowry¬†got smaller — in terms of length — deals (the Raptors’ PG got $100M, but only a three-year pact) and money spent on role players decreased dramatically. Expectations are belts will tighten even more next summer. The cap came in under projections for next season, in part because of lower revenues from the playoffs because the Warriors and Cavaliers beat everyone in short order. Another season like that could see similarly depressed revenue relative to projection.

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