By Anthony Donatelli

The temperature is warming up and the days are longer, which is the perfect recipe for going outdoors with that special someone.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, what can we do that is fun, affordable and nearby? Here’s 10 date ideas that will help you out:

10. Yard/Estate Sale
There’s no better way to beat the heat than by getting up early. Although rummaging through someone else’s stuff may seem odd to do together, all sorts of items can bring up past memories and you can share some good laughs. Plus, there’s nothing more romantic than saving money.

9. Have a Picnic
Eating out at restaurants can get awfully pricey at times, so get thoughtful and creative by having a picnic! Fill up your basket and cooler with some of your favorites meals and drinks, lay out a blanket and enjoy the beautiful weather with that special someone.

8. Go to the Beach
This doesn’t mean go lay on the sand and not speak to each other for hours. Bring some things to keep you entertained like a frisbee, football or some other fun game. And if you do plan on laying out, putting tanning oil on each other isn’t the worst idea in the world either.

7. Go Boating
If you have a boat then perfect, if not, find somebody who does! This would be a great group date idea. Go fishing, drink beer and just bob on the waves for hours. If you get to hot, jump overboard and cool off. The tanning oil idea also applies here.

6. Drive-In Movie
There’s always great movies that are released in the Summer, so why not watch it from the comfort of your own vehicle? Grab a blanket and some snacks, and enjoy the cool summer air while watching ridiculously good looking movie stars.

5. Go to the Fair
The fair has everything from deep fried foods, to concerts from your favorite bands. Sure the rides look terrifying, but what a perfect time to hold someones hand if they’re scared. The fair will bring back tons of memories from your childhood and you’re sure to create tons of new memories.

4. Wine Tasting
It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like wine tasting and this can be a very cheap date as well. Some tastings can be as low as $10, others can even be free. Taste, talk and enjoy the beautiful scenery that wineries have to offer.

3. Baseball Game
There’s is no better spectator sport to watch live than baseball. Even if someone isn’t a huge fan, it’s not hard to learn the game. Southern California is lucky to have two professional teams and a handful of minor league teams, so you have options.

2. Amusement Park
Remember what we just said about having options? Disneyland, Knotts, Six Flags are just a few of our favorites and they all bring something different to the table. Share a fun food, get on your favorite rides and have fun!

1. Go Camping
No electronics, no internet, no getting lost in your phone/computer screen, just you and your date enjoying the great outdoors. There is nothing more relaxing than setting up camp and enjoying the sounds of the wilderness. Plus, sleeping under the stars sounds very romantic.


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