A woman from South L.A. is big trouble after reporting a fake kidnapping.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the woman is accused of claiming that she was with her teenage son when they were carjacked so she could get her car back from someone she let borrow it.

According to the LAPD, a statewide amber alert was issued after Charline Gatson reported a horrible and violent car jacking with her 16 year-old son. The LAPD spent several hours looking for suspected car thief, Kandace Johnson, who police say didn’t steal the car.

Gatson reportedly loaned the car to Johnson so she could work for a ride sharing company.

Investigators say there had been a quarrel between the two and when Johnson didn’t return the car, that’s when Gatson made up the story about kidnapping and carjacking so she could get the police to prioritize the call.

Commanding Officer of the 77th patrol division Shannon Paulson said, “Those kinds of man hours meant that other victims of true crimes of valid crimes went without justice or had their justice delayed.”

The LAPD says Gatson may be held responsible for paying back the city for all the man hours it took while police officers looked for the teenage boy, who they say doesn’t even exist.


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