By Hayden Wright

Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell recently participated in an oral history of the band’s weird, iconic career. Smash Mouth holds a singular place in our collective imagination, and there are even some closeted Smash Mouth fans out there—which brings us to Morrissey.

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In the roving Stereogum interview, Harwell confirmed that Morrissey is a Smash Mouth fan and that the band recently met the Smiths icon at a show in Guadalajara.

“Yeah, he was very complimentary toward us,” Harwell recalls. The exchange was “brief” but “super weird and cool.”

There you have it: People are saying Morrissey loves Smash Mouth. And not just people—the lead singer of Smash Mouth is saying it. Harwell shared some thoughts on other cultural icons:

“I would love to put Al Pacino in a video,” he said. Stay tuned.


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