In California, it’s up for consideration. A safe space, or safe houses complete with doctor supervision, where heroin and other illegal drug users can access sterile supplies.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, is presenting Assembly Bill 186. A bill which would create in eight California counties, facilities where under supervision of trained staff, controlled substances could be used. All reportedly an effort to prevent overdoses and refer people to drug treatments and housing.

Eggman said in a statement, “We are in the midst of an epidemic, and this bill will grant us another tool to fight it – to provide better access to services like treatment and counseling, to better protect public health and safety, and to save lives.”

It’s said to be modeled after a popular site in Canada, where people can go and get sterile supplies so they can use illegal drugs like heroin, with a doctor standing by, just in case.

There are claims that in the last 13 years, the facility in Vancouver, Canada, has prevented 6,400 overdoses and helped more than 4,500 people get into treatment programs.

Last month the bill passed in the Assembly, and reportedly even gained the support of two Republicans. It was approved by the Senate health committee on Wednesday.

According to Assemblywoman Eggman, the leading cause of accidental death in California and nationwide is drug overdose.

There has been similar legislation introduced in other states including; Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York.


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