A sheriff’s deputy from Florida was fired after sharing a post on social media about “almost” shooting someone and following it with “lol.”

CBS Los Angeles reports that according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office, 23-year-old Deputy Austen Callus admitted that on Sunday he did put the post on Snapchat.

The image of the post ended up going viral on social media.

deputy2 Deputy Posts About Almost Shooting Someone On Snapchat, Gets Fired

(Screenshot via Snapchat from CBS Los Angeles)

Authorities report that investigators confronted the deputy immediately about the post. Callus admitted to posting the statement and photograph on Snapchat on Sunday, June 25th.

On Thursday he was fired, while still on probationary status.

The post was exposed after it was shared on Facebook by someone. The post says: “Nothing like almost shooting someone to set your head right lol. God I [h]ate people with knives.”

It’s not clear as to what the event was that the deputy was referring to, however the post did include a reference of a threat involving knives.

According to authorities, no further information will be available until after a complete investigation.


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