Share the road with motorcycles. That’s what we are supposed to do while driving. It’s a common practice for motorcyclist to split lanes, especially during a traffic jam.

CBS Los Angeles reports there were some tense moments caught on cell phone video after a woman noticed a car that kept pinching off motorcyclist on the 210 Freeway in Azusa.

As you watch the video in the news story below, you’ll see what appears a white car that continues to block a motorcyclist from splitting lanes. The driver and motorcyclist eventually get into it.

Natalie Bock, the lady who recorded the incident said, “We were in the carpool lane and I noticed three cars ahead of us – the white car kept moving over and blocking all the motorcyclist sthat were driving by. By the ninth one I started video taping.”

Bock says she reported the incident and the driver to the CHP. Please look twice and share the road.


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