By Anthony Donatelli

Dog owners will tell you there is no greater joy than having a four-legged, furry friend.

Now, it turns out there are more benefits to owning a dog rather than just playing fetch and cuddling up with scruffy on the couch.

According to NPR,┬ádog owners on average walked 22 minutes more per day compared to people who didn’t own a dog.

The study found that by walking their dog, owners got their heart rates up and had an increase in exercise. The pace was about 3 miles per hour, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers moderate intensity.

“The national physical activity guidelines call for 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise, and that’s what they got in this study,”┬ásays Robert Sallis, a family physician with Kaiser Permanente in California.

Just add this to the list as why owning a dog makes your life that much more awesome!


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