By Robyn Collins

Irish rockers U2 have addressed the attack on fans at a Manchester, England Ariana Grande concert that left 22 dead and many more injured.

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“[The terrorists] hate music, they hate women, they even hate little girls,” he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “They hate everything that we love. And, you know, the worst of humanity was on view in Manchester last night. And so was the best, as people took perfect strangers into their hands and queued up for blood banks. Manchester has an undefeatable spirit, I can assure you.”

The band posted the interview on its official Twitter account with the hashtag #Manchesterstrong. They also discussed their current tour and the 30th anniversary of their album Joshua Tree sharing some inside stories.

Then, U2 went played their hit “Still haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” introducing it as “gospel with a restless spirit.” As if to prove their point, a gospel choir rose up to join them for the song.



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