By Abby Hassler

Chuck Berry has finally gotten his first music video, just a few months after he passed away. Directors Matt Bizer and Curtis Wayne Millard shot Berry’s “Big Boys” video with the goal to have fun and pay homage to Berry’s iconic presence, according to NPR.

Choreographed by Jeremy Green, the video features a dynamic dance sequence at an old-school high school sock hop. A young boy steals the show when he shows up to the dance and heads up an elaborate dance routine.

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“Chuck Berry tunes are a good time and they tell stories that everyone can relate with, so we wanted to stay true to that,” Bizer and Millard wrote in an email. “When we were shooting the video, Chuck Berry was still with us and during post-production, we found out he had passed on. We did not know how to really process it all. In a way, I think we are still processing the entire experience.”

Watch the “Big Boys” music video below.



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