By Hayden Wright

Dave Matthews appeared on The Late Show and host Stephen Colbert grilled him about his son’s musical tastes. Even though dad is a mega-successful recording and touring artist, Dave’s son seems to prefer Nirvana’s grungier aesthetic.

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“Dad, I like your music, but you know Nirvana is like [loud guitar sounds] and you’re like [mellow strumming],” Matthews recalled. “I thought that was pretty solid.”

Touring remains the centerpiece of the Dave Matthews Band’s success. Colbert remembered a show he saw in North Charleston, South Carolina, and complimented the energy of the fans. Dave said outdoor concert experiences have changed over the years, mostly thanks to smartphones.

“We’ve gone from when they used to hold lighters up and that would look like stars and it was pretty and now they hold cell phones up and it’s also pretty but it’s more consistent. It’s like digital stars,” he said. “That’s why I feel old-timey. Because I’m from the days of fire.”

Dave also performed “Samurai Cop” with DMB compatriot Tim Reynolds. Watch the performance and the interview here:



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