By Abby Hassler

Queen’s Roger Taylor surprised his loyal fans today (May 5) with the sudden release of a new song and short film “Journey’s End.” This is Taylor’s first new solo work since his 2013 Fun On Earth.

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This song could not be more different in sound and tone than Taylor’s prior work, however, as it is highly personal, reflecting on life, death and natural beauty.

“It’s basically about thoughts of mortality. It is a sort of acceptance of the fact that this a journey, and that journey will come to an end,” Taylor reveals.

Lasting six minutes and 50 seconds, the track is more than a traditional rock ballad. Taylor was inspired by classical sources rather than rock.

“It’s a ‘piece’,” Taylor explains, “which is why there is a long solo in it. I’ve just let it take its own course. I just didn’t want to make it quick, edit it.  I wanted it to be fairly contemplative, fairly dreamlike, a mood piece.”

The video was directed by Stuart Brennan and short in an otherworldly way that keeps in rhythm with the sober mood of the song.  Shots from the film were primarily done around Taylor’s home in southwest England.

Watch a preview of the new track/film below.



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