Bryan Altman

On May 2, 2012 — five years ago today — Los Angeles Chargers legend Junior Seau was felled by the sport that had once lifted him up to a near mythical stature among those that love and follow the game of football. Years of undocumented concussions from repeated blows to the head — the hard cost of rising to the top of your profession in what amounts to a combat sport — led to Junior Seau pointing a shotgun into his chest and pulling the trigger; ending his life, but intentionally preserving his brain for science.

In doing so, Seau helped bring issues that the NFL and other contact sports hoped would remain cloaked in darkness out into the light and forced leagues to answer tough questions about head injuries in their sports. As a result, a renewed focus has been placed on more effective safety protocols, CTE awareness, and a hyper-sensitivity towards concussion-related issues across the spectrum of sports.


Read more at CBS LA


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