By Robyn Collins

Morris Day of The Time, a band Prince helped create and controlled, has commemorated his former boss with a new music video. The unexpected ballad, “Over That Rainbow,” released on the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death, showcases a different side of the flamboyant artist.

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The song is a far cry from what Day was working on in 2015 just months before Prince died. Day was recording his fifth solo album at Doggy Style Records, with Snoop Dogg himself executive-producing. It was a time when The Time’s music was being introduced to a new generation of fans. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ number one hit “Uptown Funk” was reminiscent of a song by The Time, and Hozier and Este Haim covered The Time’s “Jungle Love” at Coachella.

Day talked about his final experiences with Prince in a new interview with  Rolling Stone. “You know, the last night that I saw Prince he said, “I want to manage [the Time]. … I want to take you guys to Europe. … I want to put it together for you.”

Prince looked frail to Day, but he didn’t imagine anything was seriously wrong. “Well, at the time, I thought nothing of it. But in retrospect, I thought maybe something wasn’t right,” Day said. “I thought, he looked thin, even though he always looks fragile. After he passed away, I just wondered if he knew something that he wasn’t telling me. I just felt like he knew. Like he knew that something wasn’t right. Maybe he said it in just being adamant about seeing us again. Maybe that was a sign in itself.”

Shortly after Prince died, Day began working on “Over That Rainbow.”

Watch the video here:



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