By Abby Hassler

The new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is out and features Led Zeppelin’s classic hit, “Immigrant Song.” In the video, Thor faces off with Cate Blanchett, who plays Hela, the Goddess of Death, and looks nearly unrecognizable with her long black hair and all-black outfit.

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The iconic opening song riff plays while Blanchett, rocking a giant, eerie antler crown, turns toward the camera, and continues as she wrecks havoc in Thor’s world.

The song seems to be a right fit for the movie, given its lyrical references to Norse mythology and Valhalla. Not to mention, anyone, even a Norse god like Thor, looks significantly cooler with Robert Plant’s howling vocal in the background.

The movie is set to hit theaters Nov. 3.

Watch the trailer below.



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