On Wednesday Moreno Valley Police posted photos of men who they believe shot paintball guns at pedestrians outside of a strip mall, hitting several people.

CBS Los Angeles reports that police are hoping to find any victims involved in Tuesday night’s attacks. They are also hoping to find the suspects, who they believe to be up to three men who were in a rented U-Haul pickup.

One witness said, “Scary for my customers, first off, it’s not good for business,” “As long as I’ve been here, never experienced something like that.”

However, the details of what the police say happened are different than the witness accounts of the incident.

It was said that three men were in the truck were threatening people, and that the driver fired what appeared to be either an Air-Soft or BB gun from the truck.

Reportedly, there wasn’t any paint, just the loud sound of a gun that possibly shot a pellet.

It was also reported that a man in the truck pointed the gun toward two women. Both women were fine, just understandably shaken.

Another witness said, “When you see a gun come out, you don’t know what to expect,” “It could be a real one, it could be a fake one, but regardless of the fact, it’s scary for anybody.”

According to police say are working with the folks at U-Haul to identify the men in the truck.

Anyone that may have any information that could help in this case is asked to call Moreno Valley police.


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