In security video from a 7-Eleven store in Santa Ana is what appears at first glance to be a normal transaction. Until the the customer gets upset and suddenly goes bonkers on the cashier after his debit card is declined.

In the video you see the angry customer hit the cashier in the head before he takes his rage out on the registers and computers on the counter. The irate man then grabs a handful of bananas that were sitting on the counter and throws them at the other cashier.

All of this violence occurred because the suspect was unable to buy a package of M&M’s.

In all the violent mini-tantrum caused about $700 in damage, and it also shook up the cashier that was belted in the head. This act of rage happened in February, however investigators need some new leads on their suspect and are now releasing the video, which you can see below.

Incidents like this sometimes happen, but investigators are taking it serious and are hoping someone will know who the suspect is and turn him to face charges.


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