This is not a fun time in the NBA. The playoffs are just far enough away for teams to be unable to find top-level energy, but close enough to where the pressure is wearing on teams. And injuries are wreaking havoc on teams.

The Warriors are a mess, who can’t score. The Warriors … can’t score. Cleveland is flopping around like a fish out of water. San Antonio lost to Oklahoma City. Toronto is lost in the woods. Grizzlies games are basically their opponent driving past debris scattered on the highway.

These are some of the best teams in the league. We have substantial evidence of that. But they’re slogging through injuries, and the fact that it’s coming now makes it seem like the problems are significant. And there are issues, to be sure. If the Warriors aren’t hitting 3-pointers, they are powerless. The Cavs can’t stop anyone. But these problems are exacerbated because of where the conversation is at in the season.


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