By Rahul Lal


Brandon Ingram, selected as the second overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2016 NBA Draft, is best known for his versatile game on the court. While he’s one of the centerpieces for the team’s bright future, he also has a hidden talent that he’s ready to show to the world. It was on display at the ‘Beyond The Court’ event hosted by Delta Airlines and the Los Angeles Lakers which gives players a chance to show off their passions outside of basketball.

“Really, I had a passion for it when I was a little younger,” Ingram recalled. “I used to draw things in class, draw things when I was not in the gym or playing basketball, and then I left it alone for a little bit and picked it back up in college. I had the chance to take a few classes in college for art, and I wanted to pick an art major but never got a chance to decide. So I was able to pick a few things to tie in, like music and art classes. It’s something I like to do in my free time.”


Read more at CBS LA


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