By Hayden Wright

Iggy Pop wrapped a trio of Metallica concert appearances in Mexico City last night, performing an encore of “TV Eye” by The Stooges, the Detroit band Pop co-formed in 1967. Iggy received a glowing introduction from Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

“Metallica has much respect for the man coming out here to sing a song with us. And we’re grateful that he’s been able to be on this Mexico City tour with us,” Hetfield told the audience. “Please show your sign of respect and love for Mr. Iggy Pop.”

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“So today is the final round of the ultimate rock extravaganza!” Iggy wrote on Facebook. “Mexico City will rock out to this great combo for the last time today. Thanks to the entire Metallica’s Team for being so welcoming! Pure joy.”

Check out footage of The Stooges cover:

Behold, a setlist from the concert:

And click here for a photo of the team in action.


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