According to police, thousands of dollars in undelivered merchandise was found in a delivery driver’s East Los Angeles home.

Alhambra police Sgt. Jerry Johnson said, 37 year-old Eden Sergio Ortega, was arrested Tuesday at his home and now faces charges of grand theft. Along with three brand new large screen TVs that were still in their original packaging, detectives found iPhones, laptops, tablets, high-end women’s shoes and toys in the suspects house.

Police say that the items, worth a retail value of over $30,000, were recovered during a search warrant.

According to Sgt. Johnson, police located a closet in the home where several of the stolen items were being stored in their original packaging. Other stolen items found were being used by the suspect and his family.

CBS Los Angeles reports Ortega was a delivery driver who obviously didn’t deliver all the packages given to him. Police say they found more than 70 pieces of merchandise and evidence in the home and even recovered some shipping boxes and labels that detailed the information of multiple residents from Alhambra who were the intended buyers of the packages.

Online orders from companies such as Nordstrom’s, Best Buy, Sephora and UGG were some of the stolen packages. It’s believed by detectives that the thefts began to happen about two years ago and in late 2016 starting increasing. After receiving an anonymous tip from someone and cross-referencing internal documents from several companies, Ortega was identified as the suspect by detectives.

Sgt. Johnson said Eden Sergio Ortega’s employment status isn’t known. On Wednesday, the suspect posted $20,000 bail, and is scheduled on March 22nd to make his next court appearance.

The shipping company Ortega worked for requested that their name not be released. Sgt.Johnson said they are “well aware of the evidence we found, his role in the crimes and that he was arrested.”


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