Rainy Day Plan: What to do with kids when stuck indoors from rain. We’ve gotten a lot lately and more rain is in the forecast.

Growing up, if the weather was nice, we spent our time outside playing. But on rainy days, what’s a kid gonna do indoors? Aside from burying their face into a game on their tablet, here are some suggestions on what to do.

1. Build a Fort

Take a bunch of sheets and blankets and help your kids build a fort. Transform your living room, bedroom, or playroom into a place where they can play pretend.

2. Watch a Movie and enjoy snacks made by kids

Prior to pressing play on your kids’ favorite movie, make some snacks they will want to eat. Popcorn with different toppings, carrots with their favorite salad dressing, etc. Get the kids involved in making their favorite snacks before the movie begins.

3. Board games, not bored games

Play your kids favorite board games. Letting them pick out which game they want to play will help them from getting bored. Winner chooses next game.

4. Bake Cookies

Get your kids involved in the kitchen by baking bite-sized cookies. Have them help with the mixing and rolling of the cookies. Allow them to mix in their favorite treats into the cookie batter.

5. Craft a book

Grab the construction paper and markers. Help your kids tap into their creative side by having them tell a story and making a book out of it.


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