By E.J. Judge

Witnessing Bruce Springsteen in concert is likely one of the most rewarding moments any music lover will experience. Unless you’re equipped with some professional equipment, those moments you capture on your phone are likely to miss the mark of perfection.

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An astrophysicist and circus performer (you read that correctly) from Australia was able to nail the perfect moment when The Boss was performing at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena last week. 25-year-old Jessica Bloom snapped the selfie with Springsteen looking and pointing directly into her camera before posting the moment to Instagram.

“He came into the crowd and I climbed onto this chair in these massive heels just dancing and singing along,” Bloom told Daily Mail Australia. “I thought if I don’t take this photo now I’ll regret it forever, no one will believe me.”

The Bruce selfie is by far her most liked photo on Instagram, but might not be her best. Bloom wielding a flame thrower might be cooler, saying, “I always thought that was the best photo, but it looks like it’s been topped.”



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