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Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee on Tuesday, the team announced, and he will miss approximately six weeks. This means he won’t play in Sunday’s All-Star Game, obviously, and will return in late March.

Five things to know:

1. It’s not a ship-sinker. Love has been phenomenal this season. He has the best on-off net rating of any player on the Cavaliers, and has rediscovered his value as both a rebounding big man and as a floor spacer. This was, honestly, the best season of his NBA career. It’s a blow to the Cavs for sure, but it’s nothing that’s going to up-end them. They still have LeBron James. They still have Kyrie Irving. They still have good role players. Cleveland’s not going to go belly-up because of this injury. Does it make the race for the No. 1 seed with Boston slightly more interesting? Absolutely. Does it mean the Cavs are screwed? Absolutely not.


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