By Hayden Wright

Ryan Adams has spent a great deal of his career fending off confusion with Bryan Adams, and wrote an op-ed in the New York Times about his experience with that classic heckle: “Play ‘Summer of ’69!’” (The joke is that Bryan’s catalog is superior to Ryan’s, and their names sound similar). Ryan recounted the stunning moment a disrespectful concertgoer first delivered the dig.

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“I walked down the few wooden steps in front of the stage to the aisle where all the fingers pointed,” he wrote. “By the time I got there, I was so angry. I felt humiliated, but what else could be done? Either way, I had lost something. Unlike a more seasoned comic or musician, I didn’t have the experience to ignore a situation like this or to use wit to turn it around. I felt a kind of disappointment and disillusionment that I had never known — and it was in front of a thousand-plus people.”

In any case, Ryan wrote about taking the strange crowd reactions in stride and learning to love Bryan Adams, with whom he shares a birthday.

Each year, Ryan says, he sends “genius” Bryan a message to celebrate one touchpoint of their cosmic bond.



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