By Robyn Collins

Lady Gaga killed it in her Super Bowl LI performance, which was enjoyed by 117.5 million viewers.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, the multifaceted pop star said she is “really happy and had such an amazing time performing at the Super Bowl, [and I] wish I could relive it all over again,” reports Billboard.

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“I really had a real sense of being in the zone for this performance, worked on it for a really long time, took months, trained hard,” she continued. “Every second I wanted to give the world and my fans what they deserve, a great show. It’s really exciting, I wanted to enjoy the moment not just be hell bent on everything. When we first got there I asked my dad and friends and mom to come out to the field with me and took a bunch of photos at the 50 yard line.”

Gaga admitted to being emotional during “Million Reasons.” “I think that’s why I said ‘hi Mum and Dad,’” she said. “It was so surreal to see my parents in the crowd.”

As for the free fall that opened the show Gaga said, “I think that I knew I gave it everything I had in me, I knew I had prepared and on top of doing what I rehearsed I added that extra bit of heart to the performance.

In the midst of preparing for her Joanne tour, the multi-talented artist is also working on the music for the A Star is Born remake. “Right now I’m finishing the score for Star Is Born with Bradley and some other producers and collaborators,” she said. “Then I’ll shoot the movie and then go on tour.”

The iconic movie will be Cooper’s directorial debut, and it sounds like Gaga doesn’t mind that one bit, “The best part about making this movie is working with Bradley. He’s such a genius and a ninja like human being. We’ve become such great friends. It’s tremendous to work with him all the time in the project, he’s very inspiring.”

Fans can look forward to another side of  Lady Gaga when she teams up with Metallica for the 59th Grammy Awards show on Sunday night (Feb. 12). “I was at Bradley’s house with [Metallica drummer] Lars [Ulrich] and we were just hanging out,” the singer shared. “He’s amazing. I went to see them live, I saw them recently and we were watching the show, those guys play better than they’ve played in their whole lives.”

And if you haven’t seen it already, check out her Jonas Akerlund directed video for “John Wayne.”

“I have known Jonas for a really long time and we’ve been wanting to work together again and I thought for this song him and I would be perfect to do it together,” she said. “He downloads from me the visions on the song, like falling off the back of a horse but I hold on and carry on enjoying it, or a scene with a guy and me in a car and being reckless to see how reckless love can be. He has a very cinematic approach but doesn’t forget to make it a music video.”



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