By Hayden Wright

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Black & White Night, Roy Orbison’s concert film and album will be expanded and reissued next month. The original concert doc immortalized Orbison’s 1980s comeback at L.A.’ s Cocoanut Grove club. The remastered and re-edited re-release, to be titled Black & White Night 30, will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray, giving fans new camera angles and better video quality for their personal Orbison archives.

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The iconic 1987 concert included guests like Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, k.d. Lang, Tom Waits and Jackson Browne. Orbison’s son Alex discovered the additional footage while rummaging around his late father’s estate.

“My dad always wanted a definitive live concert,” Alex told Billboard. “He recorded a lot of live shows. None of them came out they way they wanted to. One of the distinguishing things about this for me and my brothers when we opened up the tapes is it had this jam band quality. It had this liveliness because of the guitar battles — Bruce Springsteen, who is a phenomenal guitar player, has this interaction with James Burton and there’s a lot going on between all the players that was so great.”

Black & White Night 30 will also include a 33-minute documentary going behind-the-scenes of Orbison’s iconic set. The singer passed away in 1988.



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