With DJs and EDM producers taking over for rockers as the revered musical heroes among the world’s youth, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell compared modern dance music to disco while discussing what it would take for rock to return to pop culture dominance in a new interview with Howard Stern this week (June 18).

In response to Stern’s claims that the ’90s were the last good era for rock, Cornell mused on the current state of music and how the proliferation of beats and drops could actually inspire the next wave of guitar-wielding icons.

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“I actually heard somebody quoting a percentage the other day that 70 percent of people polled nowadays, and it must be young people, are into electronic dance music, and that that goes up every year,” Cornell said. “I don’t know how much more it can go up. The only thing I can say is that tends to be the beginning of a really great new movement in rock, which is the same thing that kind of happened when disco was dominating.

“All of a sudden then you had punk rock, that came as a reaction to it where everyone said, you know, this sucks. So maybe that will happen now. They’ll look at each other at the rave, and their E will kick in, and they’ll go, ‘this sucks.’”

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